These pages describe networking for BS300.

Newer models BS325N and BS445N are similar but networking is built-in.

Networked BitScope

Networked BitScope (BS300)

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BitScope networking was first implemented in BS220 and BS300 via an external adaptor; an RS-232 serial to 10BaseT ethernet convertor custom designed for use with these BitScopes.

Network Adaptor

Network Adaptor Module

This allowed a single or multiple PCs to be used with as many BitScopes as required, simultaneously.

In addition to converting between ethernet and serial formats the adaptor knew how BitScope's VM-220 and VM-300 modules and Serial Interface work together to provide a dramatic increase upload speed while maintaining efficient network utilization.

Since then BitScope's networking technology has been integrated into the current model Network BitScopes for seamless network operation opening up a whole range of remote testing, automated diagnostics and other networked data acquisition applications.

Networking Advantages