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BitScope Library V2 API Guide

We've published the updated API and programming guide for the BitScope Library, Version 2. You can read it online or download a hyperlinked PDF copy for printing here. Library version 2.1 is coming soon with a number of new API calls in support of the waveform generator in BS10, the attenuations ranges of the differential probe and bug fixes for some mixed and logic capture modes on some BitScope models.


BitScope Library V2.0 and Proto Scope Application

The BitScope Programming Library allows anyone to program USB or Network BitScopes with ease.

BitScope Library Proto Scope talking to Sydney.

Version 2.0 of this library is now in beta release for several platforms including Linux and Raspberry Pi.

Alpha releases are also available for Windows and Mac OS X. The latter is available as a framework.

Version 2.0 supersedes production releases up to and including V1.5. It is recommended for new projects.

The API has changed in some small ways but migrating to the new library should not be difficult in most cases.

To make the process as easy as possible the library package comes with detailed programming examples written in C/C++, Python and Pascal. Read More...


BitScope DSO, Logic, Chart, Meter and Library updated

Changes in the Linux kernel that have appeared in recent editions of Ubuntu and Fedora caused problems for these applications when used with some model USB BitScopes. These included BS300, BS310, BS50 and some BS1xx models. This update addresses these issues. If you use Ubuntu or Fedora and run into trouble with one of these models please upgrade to the latest production release. Windows, Mac and Raspberry Pi are unaffected.


Library 2.0.DK06A Mac OS X Maverics, Sydney & Linux 3.8+

Apple released Mavericks recently so we've been working to ensure our software remains compatible. This update makes some changes required to avoid a bugs we found when older versions were run in Mavericks. It also fixes a bug reported when some USB BitScope models are used with Fedora 19 or Ubuntu 13.10 Linux. These include BS300, BS301, BS310, BS50 and BS320. Some early editions of BS100 and BS120 may also be affected. If you have difficulties connecting with a Linux system which uses the kernel revision 3.8 or later and you have reviewed our USB troubleshooting guide to ensure it's not a different issue, we recommend you upgrade to this release.

Be sure to choose the Development release for your platform. This software is in beta release but it should be quite stable based on in-house testing. The production release for the new library is coming soon.


Library 1.5 | Windows & Linux 32/64 bit Release | CB28C

This is the first release of the multi-architecture 32/64-bit BitScope Library for Windows and Linux.

32/64-bit Linux/Windows Release (beta)

This new Library is compatible with all BitScope models back to BS300 (released in 2003) and implements the BitScope device interface used by the latest BitScope DSO and Logic updates.

By using this release your own applications can now access new BitScope models including BS10. Your apps will inherit the improved performance and new features of the BitScope Apps such as reliable USB links in noisy enviroments and 64 bit native execution.

If you are running Windows 7 or any recent version of Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Fedora, RedHat or most other Linux distributions we recommend you upgrade to this version of the library.


BitLib 1.4 | maintenance update | AK19C

This update fixes a range of reported bugs and updates the documentation.>The API remains unchanged so it is safe to upgrade the library for use with existing applications.


BitLib 1.4 | BS120U and BitGen Release | AK10B

This update adds full support for the newest member of the BitScope family, BS120U.

BitScope Waveform Generator Library

It also introduces support for the BitGen DSP Waveform Generator in BS120U (and BS100U with DWG100) via BitGenLib.

Various bugs reported in earlier version are fixed including input offset calibration and slow clock bugs affecting older models such as BS50 and BS300.

The API is unchanged from earlier builds with the exception of BL_WaveLevel and BL_WaveOffset calls which now return the assigned (possibly constrained) values to make the BS325 AWG easier to use.

The included BitLib applications have been updated and the C/C++ example code amended for easier use with Visual C++.

Feel free to email us at projects with requests, feedback or bug reports relating to this software.

Downloads | | Debian/Ubuntu | Redhat/Fedora | Project Source


BitLib 1.4 | maintenance update | AF22A

This update fixes a few bugs when used with older model BitScopes.
If you've not encountered any problems you probably don't need to upgrade.


BitLib 1.4 | maintenance update | AE19B

This maintenance update fixes a bug in the waveform generator API.
If you are using the waveform generator we recommend you upgrade.


BitLib 1.4 | Unified Cross-Platform Release

This major update is the first unified library release, compatible with all recent BitScope models.

BitScope Application Programming Library

It is cross-platform running on Windows 8, 7 and popular Linux distributions including Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat, SuSe and Mandrake.

The API is fully documented and we've added two new example applications:

to demonstrate new waveform generation and data acquisition features of the library.

The existing applications have also been updated and source for all of them is available for download free of charge.

BitLib comprises a shared library, C/C++ and FPC/Delphi language bindings and documentation. Other languages and platforms are available upon request.


BitLib 1.0 | BitScope Application Library

This is the first production release of the BitScope Application Programming Library.

BitScope Application Programming Library

It provides an new API for BitScope channel control, trigger setup, analog & logic signal capture and waveform generation.

This initial release includes three new applications:

These applications are supplied with source code so you can modify or extend them.

Future releases will add to this collection of applications. Please email us at projects with any feedback or bug reports relating to this software. Feel free also to send in any special requests.