BitScope Programming

This section of the web site is an online version of the BitScope Programmers Manual.

It contains detailed information about:

  1. The PIC based Virtual Machine, how it works, and how to program it.
  2. The PLD based Data Capture Engine, what it can do, and how to set it up.
  3. What Trace Modes are and why you should use them.
  4. How to capture analog and/or digital data.
  5. How to measure frequencies and time periods.
  6. How to program expansion hardware and other goodies.

The next three pages summarize the virtual machine registers and instructions, and how to program all of BitScope's features using a small set of basic procedures.

The following sections describe each major feature of BitScope starting with the data capture engine and trace modes, and continuing with more application specific features.

And remember, always keep in mind the fundamental three steps when programming.