Static Parameters (EEPROM)

The PIC contains EEPROM which the virtual machine makes available to you.

We recommend it be used to store information about BitScope itself such as:

  1. Type of ADC installed.
  2. Nominal ADC clock rate (doubled or not).
  3. Nominal PIC clock rate.
  4. Precise (ie, calibrated) ADC clock rate.

Two registers:

R16EEPROM DataEEPROM Data Register.
R17EEPROM AddressEEPROM Address Register.

and two instructions:

R0x52Read EEPROM byte at address (R17) and print.
W0x57Write byte R16 to EEPROM address (R17).

available for EEPROM programming. Reading and writing bytes from/to EEPROM is as simple as programming the address R17 and reading R a byte to the serial port, or writing W a byte from a value previously programmed to R16.