Pre/Post Trigger Delays (R11,R12,R20)

All trace modes (except zero) step through 3 states during a trace:


1 Pre Trigger Delay The period of time during which BitScope captures data without enabling the trigger. The duration of this state depends on the value in the Pre-Trigger Delay R20.

It is used to ensure BitScope captures a minimum amount of data before a trigger event.

2 Trigger Enabled After expiry of the Pre Trigger Delay, BitScope continues to capture data, but now the trigger is enabled.

It stays in this state until a trigger is seen.

3 Post Trigger Delay Upon the assertion of the trigger condition, BitScope enters the Post Trigger Delay state where is continues to capture data for an additional period of time which depends on the value in the Post Trigger Delay R11, R12.

It is used to ensure that BitScope captures a minimum of amount of data after a trigger event.

By programming appropriate pre and post trigger delays (which apply in states 1 and 3), it is possible to capture analog and digital data before and/or (well) after the trigger event.