BitScope News | 2008


DSP Waveform & Timing Generator

DWG100 for USB BitScope Mini

BitGen (DWG100) is an integrated waveform and timing generator solution for BS100U.

Installed inside BS100U it generates all the standard wave-functions including sinusoids, triangle, sawtooth, square and many others using crystal referenced DDS techniques that offer extremely high frequency precision.

However BitGen is much more than just a continuous wave function generator.

You can also use it to generate clocks, trigger events, waveform bursts, chirps, noise, user programmable arbitrary waveforms or even replay live waveforms captured with BS100U.

BitGen is controlled using the same DSO software that drives the BS100U itself so setup is fast and easy and triggers and clocks can be sample synchronized with capture for precise event timing.

BitGen also includes a separate timing/event channel for use with external triggers and clocks or it can be used to generate triggers or clocks for use by BS100U or other devices.

It even offers some handy special features such as a logic level shifter, a scope probe calibration signal, an adjustable voltage reference and a programmable pseudo random sequence generator.

DWG100 may be purchased online as an option for a new BS100U or as an upgrade pack.