The PICuP ProtoBoard

PICuP ProtoBoard (aka ProtoPOD) is designed for building PIC based microcontroller circuits.

ProtoBoard Features
  • 18 pin PIC (16F84) in socket
  • 20 pin GAL/logic IC socket
  • 20 x 13 prototype array
  • 20 x 2 header strip for I/O
  • Built-in regulated power supply
  • Prewired PIC clock circuitry
  • 19K2 Baud RS-232 Serial Port

It is a small (2.6"x4.0") PCB comprising a 20 x 13 thru-hole prototype grid pre-wired with 4 busses and a 40 or 26 pin header with pads for connections into the circuit.

Two sockets are provided; one 18 pin socket for a PIC (or other 18 pin IC) and the second for one or two ICs of up to 20 pins in total. Each socket is connected to a header for wiring into the rest of the circuit.

The 18 pin socket has power, ground, and a clock circuit wired for use with any of Microchip's family of 18 pin PIC devices. ProtoBoard also includes an optional regulated power supply circuit, a PIC 16F84 chip, RS-232 serial interface.

PICuP ProtoBoard

PICuP ProtoBoard

The PCB is a high quality 2 layer fibreglass design with integral ground plane under the prototype area. Bypass capacitors, a power indicator led and a pair of jumpers complete the design.

The photo shows a ProtoBoard with a 26 way header installed on the left.

This allows direct connection to the BitScope POD interface via a ribbon cable.

Used this way, BitScope can provide power, host communication, and analog and digital capture inputs making a powerful circuit design and analysis system.

The next page outlines some ideas for how to use ProtoBoard, and the remaining pages describe the ProtoBoard circuit itself in greater detail.

ProtoBoard is available in the online store as a kit (PUP-02) or PCB only (PCB-05).