The BitScope Website

About our home on the web...

This website is It is our home on the web.

Original BitScope Website.

Original BitScope Website

Our goal is to provide a rich resource for all things related to BitScope, whether you want to buy and use BitScope, learn how it works, or draw inspiration for your own designs using ours as a guide as others have done. Whatever your interest, we invite you to register with us if you like what you find.

We launched this website following BitScope's award winning debut in Circuit Cellar Magazine and since then we've continued to develop our hardware designs, software applications and product range. The original BitScope design and many updates are freely available for download and we continue to publish via our blog, across the website and on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

New BitScope Website.

The New BitScope Website

Recently we undertook a major website upgrade to ensure our website remains accessible and easy to navigate regardless of whether you use a desktop, notebook, tablet or phone.

We hope you like it!

Like BitScope itself, the website will always be a work in progress and we invite you to contact us with any feedback you have to help improve both.

For those interested in the technology behind the website, on the server side we use PHP, Python, PostgreSQL and SQLite with our own CMS. Like most of the web these days on the client side we use HTML5 and JavaScript (mostly via jQuery). Website style is CSS3 derived fromTwitter Bootstrap via Less and Node.Js.

We offer a range of innovative solutions for test, measurement and data acquisition and we continue to develop more. See our recent blog posts and thanks for visiting!