BitScope GHz Prescaler

The 1GHz prescaler chip takes a high frequency signal and outputs a f/64 square wave.

By including a switch (S3) and a 50 ohm resistor it is possible to switch in a prescaler device to drive SCLK/Y2 (pin 33) on Spock.

1GHz Prescaler.

Spock can then be set to route this through to the PIC via Event 1 in Trigger Source R7 for counting, giving us a means of measuring frequencies up to 1 GHz.

S3 switches in the prescaler with a 50 ohm terminator to BNC CH-B. This has other benefits. It means that we can use Channel B as a 50 ohm terminated input.

For example, channel B with S3 on could be used as a Ethernet cable terminator with the ability to sample the network traffic for display on a PC.