Buffer Page and POD Selection (R7:3)

Analog and digital data are captured simultaneously to two separate 32K RAM buffers.

Each buffer is divided into two 16K pages.

Bit R7:3 selects which of these pages in both buffers are to be used for data capture:

Bit NameValue Meaning

3Page Selection0 Lower 16K RAM Buffer Page.
1 Upper 16K RAM Buffer Page.
3POD Selection0Analog via BNC Inputs.
1 Analog via POD Inputs.

As you can see from the table, the same bit also selects which of the two sets of analog inputs are to be applied to the A/D convertor. Signals available at the BNC inputs may be captured to the lower bank and signals available at the POD inputs may be captured to the upper bank only.

Of course digital signals are available at the POD only and may be captured to either bank.