BitScope News | 1998/9

1999-02-10 Beta Software for Win95/98/NT is now available ! Learn more about it here. You can download and use it free.

1999-10-30 We have updated the FAQ in answer to the common questions we have received recently concerning kit construction. Check out contruction FAQ for details.

1998-10-09 The new stock has arrived ! The last back orders have now been shipped so those people who we notified would have their orders delayed can expect to receive them in a week or so.

1998-09-15 As requested, we now supply analog probes suitable for use with BitScope.

1998-09-05 Now that we've had some time to receive your questions, here's the first FAQ.

1998-08-15 The BitScope shop now accepts Mastercard and Visa orders by fax and we've added project details to the forum which may interest you.

1998-08-10 The BitScope shop is now online. Here you can buy the PCB, components, kits and more. Check it out. If you prefer to source the parts yourself check out the bill of materials.

1998-08-03 The new look BitScope site is now online. It's early days yet and you can expect a lot more stuff to arrive here soon. For now, we invite you to visit the download page and check out all the details of BitScope's hardware design.

1998-07-31 If you've not checked it out already, you might like to visit the August issue of Circuit Cellar Magazine where BitScope is featured.