BitScope News | 2007


Opto-Isolated USB BitScope Mini

USB BitScope Mini

Meet the new opto-isolated BS100U BitScope.

BS100U is unique among USB connected PC based scopes because like our Network models it is electrically isolated from the PC.

You can ground reference it independently so USB drop-outs due to ground-loops or glitches when looking at high power electrical or automotive systems are never a problem.

Another feature to make its debut in BS100U is a powerful flash programmable DSP waveform generator option. Operating independently of the scope's capture engine it allows complex waveforms to be synthesised concurrently with waveform capture and display.

And BS100U is very power efficient with a standby mode designed for long life on battery power.

Also included is an adjustable external trigger input in addition to its 2 analog and 8 logic channels and it supports a wide range of crystal accurate capture rates, especially useful for RF work.


BitLib Application Programming Library

BitScope Application Programming Library

BitScope has always been programmable but now there is an easier way to write BitScope software applications.

BitLib is a dynamic runtime library that takes care of all the low level details of BitScope programming. To get you started it comes with three new BitScope software applications:

They're all BitLib based and include source so you can see exactly how they work. You can also modify them to suit your needs or use them as a starting point for your own BitScope software.

BitLib is also ideal when integrating BitScope with third party software tools. The DAQ spreadsheet provides one example but we'll be releasing a number of others over the coming months based on your feedback. Email us at projects and send us your requests.