BitScope News | 2011


DSO 2.5 | Mac, Window, Linux | Halloween Release

BitScope DSO now has support for Intel Macs running the latest version of OS X (10.7, Lion).

Pegasus Mac OS X

It's the full DSO application targeted for Macintosh as a native app and it brings the latest features to the Windows and Linux platforms as well.

DSO now supports real-time parameter updates, high speed live digital phosphor displays, cursor bands and highlights and a new macro mode for high resolution capture on supported devices.

It also adds quick display export, colour coded logic the same as BitScope Logic and many bug fixes and improvements.

DSO 2.5 is currently in beta release but it's compatible with all new BitScopes and should also work with older models including BS50, BS300, and BS310. Download the latest version here and email us at any time with questions, bug reports or comments. More big releases in December, stay tuned!


BitScope Logic 1.0 | Mixed Signal Logic Analyzer

BitScope Logic is a brand new mixed signal logic and serial protocol analyzer for BitScope.

BitScope Logic | Mixed Signal Logic Protocol Analyzer

It uses BitScope's built in logic analyzer and performs multi-channel protocol analysis of SPI, I2C, CAN & UART encoded signals.

High speed logic analysis across all channels is supported and because it's a BitScope app, it can capture up to 4 analog channels as well.

Logic decodes eight channels in two protocol groups simultaneously and shows them next to the waveforms for easy timing analysis.

The sequence of decoded data packets on selected channels are shown via a packet inspector for comprehensive data analysis.

The auto-ranging analog channels are shown time aligned with logic waveforms & packets allowing sophisticated mixed signal diagnostic work to assist debugging complex systems.

BitScope Logic is fast and easy to use, simply point, click, zoom and drag. Check it out here.


BitScope 445 | 12 Channel Mixed Signal DAQ

Network BitScope 445 is a rack mountable 4 + 8 channel mixed signal data acquisition system.

Network BitScope 445

Also available in a robust stand-alone desktop case this new BitScope offers the same comprehensive set of test & measurement functions as all our other BitScope models.

However, we've optimized this one specifically for remote data acquisition and process monitoring applications with a focus on high speed mixed signal data acquisition and IP network connected access. With 4 analog channel and 8 logic timing channels, all of which may be used to capture data concurrently, it provides the ideal basis for industrial monitoring systems.

BS445 can acquire buffered framed captured data at a combined data rate of up to 200MB/s or it can stream data at lower rates continuosly. It uses standard IP networking for universal connectivity and is compatible with all BitScope test, measurement data acquisition software. BS445 is available for order online or email us at for a quote for larger systems.


BitScope Chart 1.0 | Data Logging System

BitScope Chart is a new waveform data logger and chart recorder application for BitScope.

BitScope Chart

Chart calculates waveform statistics including DC and AC voltages, frequencies and periods from the signals appearing on the BitScope's inputs and plots them in real-time.

It can also save the statistics and samples of the waveforms to disk for later analysis.

Chart leverages the very high bandwidth of BitScope so it can work with RF signals just as easily as slow changing DC trends.

Whether monitoring the output power of a radio transmitter or the temperature cycle of a multi-circuit airconditioner, Chart is ideal.

Chart is highly automated and easy to use and like BitScope Meter it has advanced manual controls for those applications where fine tuning the way in which the data is captured, analyzed and recorded may be required.

Chart is compatible with most BitScopes and may be downloaded for Windows, Debian/Ubuntu or RedHat/Novell PCs. An online user guide is included in the package.