VM 112 | The Original VM

Pic Chip.

This PIC implements the original BitScope virtual machine.

  • RISC style instruction set of 39 single byte instructions.
  • Instructions operate on a set of 24 single byte registers.
  • Execution is "live" via the serial port.
  • No programs are stored in BitScope memory.
  • Programs called scripts define the operation of BitScope.
  • All instruction execution is atomic which is very important.

This firmware revision is the original version shipped with BitScope:

  • MicroChip 10MHz PIC16F84
  • Frequency measurement
  • LF extended timebase
  • ALT/CHOP sampling modes
  • Fast binary data dump
  • 57K6 baud serial port

This revision has since been superceeded by the backward compatible VM 120.