VM 120 | Advanced

Pic Chip.

This backward compatible VM Chip extends VM-112.

We've added new features to make it easier to use BitScope where an analog scope might otherwise be used, including new trigger modes. We've also increased the data upload speed, and added a range of new signal processing options.

This PIC is now standard on all BitScopes and available as an upgrade to existing BitScope owners.

The key features of this upgrade are:

  • Data upload rate increased to 115 Kb (requires 20 MHz clock).
  • Variable timebase - data optimized in the PIC for high speed upload.
  • New trigger modes with options including LP digital filter and trigger hysteresis.
  • New trace modes allow sampling from 1 MS/s down to 4 KS/s.
  • Variable aperture - data filtered in the PIC before upload.
  • Min/Max detection - data scanned for MIN/MAX values before upload.
  • In-buffer scans - data scanned for GT or LT values without data upload.
  • Centre Clipping for fast and accurate frequency/period detection.
  • Long duration data acquisition (sample rates 125 KS/s down to 2 hours/sample)
  • Post trigger delay extended, up to 2 hours, ideal for logic analysis.
  • New Logic Analyzer modes with arbitrary location of trigger positions.

We're currently in the process of updating the Programmers' Manual to include all the details of this firmware revision. In the meantime, you can download our draft design document for ithere.