BitScope Smart Port

The BitScope front panel has a DB-25 POD connector which provides the interface to 8 logic inputs.

Expansion POD in user

BitScope and LogicPOD in action.

This is where you connect an active or passive LogicPOD for use as a Logic Analyzer or Mixed Signal capture device.

In addition to the logic inputs, this connector also provides access to BitScope's analog inputs, power and ground lines, and 2 special I/O signals.

It is these additional signals that give BitScope some unique hardware expansion capabilities.

The idea is to connect a "smart POD" (powered by BitScope) to do clever things BitScope can't do on its own.

We currently have two smart PODs you can buy or build:

  • ProtoPOD a PIC circuit prototyping POD, and
  • WavePOD a user programmable function generator.

Both connect to directy to BitScope or in the case of WavePOD also via a LogicPOD (for in-circuit use).

As with the rest of BitScope, the POD schematic and communication protocols are published online so it is easy to build your own smart PODs for custom applications. Check out the designs in the following pages for more information and ideas.