WavePOD Function Generator

WavePOD adopts a very simple technique to implement an arbitrary Function Generator.

WavePOD (via LogicPOD)

Instead of various waveform modes, amplitude and frequency controls, WavePOD connects a PIC directly to a DAC allowing assembly code loops (WaveLoops) to be written to drive the output as required.

In addition to the analog output, the digital signal that drives the DAC is also available (via the DB-25).

This means WavePOD can be used as a programmable logic sequencer or mixed mode signal generator with phase synchronous analog and digital outputs.

WavePOD can connect to BitScope via a bi-directional LogicPOD or it can be plugged directly to BitScope.

WavePOD and BitScope - Standalone

WavePOD (direct connection)

Direct connection to BitScope will be interest to those people writing BitScope software as WavePOD provides a convenient set of canned test waveforms for use during software development.

The WavePOD you can purchase comes with a pre-programmed PIC 16CE625-20 but the key idea with WavePOD is that you (re)program the PIC yourself to suit your own requirements.

To make this easier we have published full source code for this PIC and a free download which includes source code and schematics.

If you want to put together your own WavePOD using an old PIC16F84 you happen to have lying about, we've included source for it too as well as the parts list.

Please note that while the circuit design is still available, we no longer sell this model WavePOD.

Instead we recommend the BitGen option (for BS100U) or BS120 (which has BitGen built-in).

BitGen is capable of generating all the standard WavePOD waveforms and many others as well.

See BitGen Control Panel for operational details and BitGen Library for programming info.