BitScope 440 DAQ

Networked Data Acquisition

BitScope 300 MSO

BitScope 440 is our high performance scalable network Data Acquisition (DAQ) system based on BitScope MSO technology.

It allows you to build remote networked data acquisition or monitoring systems ranging from 4 + 8 channels to more than 100 + 200 channels using low cost ethernet technology and universal UDP/IP network protocols.

And because 440 is a BitScope system it offers the same ease of use, the same powerful software options and the same level of user programmability as all BitScope MSO systems making it ideal for customized DAQ designs.


BitScope DSO with BS440

Mixed Signal Data Acquisition

Like all BitScopes 440 is a mixed signal system.

This means that in addition to the 4 x 40 MS/s analog channels you get 8 time-aligned digital channels at no extra cost.

This capability alone makes possible a huge range of system monitoring and/or complex triggering data acquisition applications.

Of course 440 can also be used as an MSO.

In fact BitScope DSO works with it "as is", auto-configuring for 440 hardware displaying up to 4 analog and 8 logic channels, all time-aligned on the screen at once.

Perhaps 4 analog + 8 logic channels is not enough ? Not a problem. Connect more 440 systems to the same network and build an MSO as large as you need it to be !

Networked Data Acquisition

BitScope 440 uses the same network technology developed for BitScope 300. Because it's built-in, connecting multiple 440 systems to capture many analog and digital signals is very easy !

Wherever your data sources are located, low cost 100 BaseT ethernet switches and hubs are all you need to connect together hundreds of analog and digital channels to a single PC.

And because BitScope 440 uses industry standard UDP/IP protocols private Intranet or even Internet connectivity is a snap.

User Programmable

Employing the same powerful virtual machine based user programmable Data Acquistion API as in all BitScopes, 440 makes it easy to program and configure your DAQ system to work with many popular data analysis tools such as MatLab, LabVIEW, HP VEE or even a simple spreadsheet.

Whether you're acquiring data or monitoring events at very low rates (<1Hz) for very long periods or working up at the much high speeds of modern communications technologies or circuit logic, or anywhere in between, BitScope 440 is the ideal scalable user programmable data acquisition and process monitoring solution.