BitScope Model 445

Input Channels Specification
Analog Inputs [1] 8 (4 x BNC + 4 x POD)
Analog Channels [2] 4 (quad A/D converters)
Analog Bandwidth [3] 100 MHz (BNC), 20 MHz (POD)
Logic Channels (POD) [2] 8 (3.3/5V CMOS/TTL)
Input Impedance 1M±1%, 20pF (BNC), 100K/10pF (POD)
Input Coupling AC, DC, GND (BNC), DC (POD)
Input Range (BNC) ±48.8mV ~ ±11.8V in 8 ranges
Input Range (POD) ±462mV ~ ±5.43V in 4 ranges
Input Prescale [4] x20 (BNC only)
Probe Attenuation 1:1 to 3000:1 in 16 ranges
Protocol Capture UART, SPI, I2C & CAN Bus
Vertical Scaling 500 uV/div to 5 V/div (1:1 probe)
Vertical Accuracy ±2% or ±3% (prescale enabled)
Analog Sensitivity 1mV to 40mV (no prescale enabled)
Maximum Sensitivity [5] 200 uV (Time), 40uV (Freq), 10uV (Dithered Mean)
Data Acquisition Specification
Streaming Sample Rates [6] 1Sa/S to 70kSa/S (continuous)
Real-Time Sample Rates [7] 15kSa/S to 40MSa/S (per buffer)
Sub-Sampling Rates [8] 1MSa/S to 1GSa/S (per buffer)
Timebase Range (real-time) 100nS/div ~ 500mS/div
Timebase Range (streaming) 10mS/div ~ 500S/div
Timebase Range (sub-sampling) 1nS/div ~ 1mS/div
Timebase Accuracy 0.01% (100ppm)
Hardware Sample Rates 15kSa/S to 40MSa/S (2000+ rates)
Capture Buffers 128kS x 4 (analog) plus 128kS x 8 (logic)
Capture Resolution 8 bit converter with 6.8 to 7.6 ENOB
Maximum Resolution [9] 12 ENOB (at 1MHz and lower)
Display Frame Rate (max) 50 Hz (single channel, 20 mS per analog channel)
Triggers & Timing Specification
Trigger Types Edge (Rise/Fall), Level/State, Logic & Ext.
Trigger Level Range Same as selected Input Range
Hysteresis/Sensitivity ±2% full scale (per range)
Pre-Trigger Hold-Off 10uS ~ 1S
Duration Trigger Filter 10uS ~ 150uS
External Trigger Bus YES (logic inputs may also be used)
Post-Trigger Delay 8 uS to 2 hours (programmable)
Logic Pattern Trigger 8 bit on logic or digitized analog
High Speed Trigger YES (on any analog input)
Glitch Capture (min) 25nS (logic channel or trigger)
Interfaces Specification
Analog Interface 4 x BNC and 4 x POD
Logic Interface 1 x IDC-26 (inc. logic, analog, data and power)
Control Interface (POD) V+, V-, GND, Serial I/O
Front Panel Pins Calibration, Trigger Bus, GND
Host Interface Isolated Ethernet (RJ-45/CAT-5)
Data Upload Speed (max) 1.2 Mb/S (Raw Data), 450 kb/S (Enhanced)
Host/General Specification
Included PC Software [10] BitScope DSO Virtual Instrument Software
Optional PC Software [10] BitScope Logic, Meter, Chart & Library
Power Requirement 12 VDC @ 1A (max), 2.5mm CP
Operating Temperature 0ºC to 50ºC (or 20ºC to 30ºC for quoted accuracy)
Storage Requirements -40°C to +60°C / 5% to 85% RH
Mounting Options Desktop or 19 Rackmount
Dimensions (WxDxH)(net) 225 x 180 x 42 mm
Product Weight (net) 1.05kg (desktop), 1.85kg (rackmount)
DH19A | E&OE 
[1] Analog capture for each channel is selectable between the BNC or POD inputs individually.
[2] Dedicated A/D converter for each analog channel to support sample synchronous capture at all supported hardware rates on both analog channels or one analog and all logic channels.
[3] Maximum bandwidth of analog channels captured using equivalent time sampling or used with the multi-band spectrum analyzer via 10:1 probes with prescale disabled and waveform amplitude captured to 10% full-scale.
[4] User selectable analog input prescaler for use with low level signals or when 20MHz input bandwidth limiting is required.
[5] Minimum measurable peak-to-peak sinusoidal waveform voltage when both resolution enhancement and input multiplier are enabled, when viewed as a waveform (Time) or viewed as a spectrum (Freq) and the minimum measurable average DC voltage (Mean).
[6] Streaming capture sample rates for data logging and transient recorder applications.
[7] Real-Time (Nyquist Limited) sample rates (captured per frame).
[8] Equivalent-Time (not Nyquist limited) sample rates sample rates (captured per frame). Applies to periodic signals only.
[9] Specifies the maximum effective number of bits (ENOB) achieveable with resolution enhancement enabled.
[10] All specifications are quoted on the basis that the product is used with the apropriate BitScope software.