Third Party Projects

We may update these pages at some point.

We've left these old project pages in place although most are out of date. If you're an "early adopter" and would like to try new (beta) releases email us. For production software options for BitScope please see this page.

Last Update: Tue 14 Mar 02:55:33 UTC 2017

The following pages provide links to third party projects for BitScope.

While there are a number of projects now in progress, the field is still wide open for new project proposals. If you have ideas for software or hardware projects projects you would like to do yourself please email us at and if you want us to, we will include details of your project here with links to your website (if you have one) and email so anyone else who has an interest in can contact you about it.

VBScope Basic Edition

Update coming for VBScope

IDS Engineering, the developer of VBScope is now working towards the release of a new version to support BS300. VBScope has proven very popular with BS220 and BS120 owners and we anticipate the BS300 version will be even better. If you own a BitScope now is a good time put in any special requests for features you'd like to see in this new release !


DiGScope Software for BitScope

Service pack 1.1 for the DiGScope 32-bit Windows BitScope application is now available. DiGScope is three applications in one: a dual trace digital sampling oscilloscope (DSO), an 8 channel logic analyzer and a digital multimeter with data history. DiGScope uses a COM interface allowing the main application to be extended with the addition of new tools for connected PODs. DiGScope (100 day trial version) is available for download free of charge.

XOScope for Linux

XOScope Version 1.10 Released

The latest version of XOscope for Linux is now available.New features in xoscope 1.10 include COMEDI support, improved X Windows performance, an improved BitScope GUI, a more modular internal organization, and support for using the parallel port for digital acquisition (via COMEDI and RTAI). More information about XOscope is available here.

Python BitScope

Python Software for BitScope

Don Dietmeyer has released his Python software for BitScope. This is an early release of a new open source BitScope application and will be of interest to developers who like to use the Python language.