BitsGui Application

BitsGui is the original mixed mode graphical user interface software for BitScope.

It is the preferred choice for the original BitScope devices (VM-112) and supports the old "T Command" trace modes.

If you have a newer BitScope (1xx, 2xx, 3xx or 4xx series) the BitScope DSO is preferred because provides all the features of this software as well as many new ones.

If you have an original BitScope you can upgrade at low cost.

BitScope software screenshot
  • Single Shot or Repetitive Trace mode
  • 4 separate display buffers for CHA, CHB, PODA, PODB including logic trace buffers
  • Versatile Display controls allowing scrolling, adjustable Time/Div and Volts/Div.
  • Vertical scrolling of analog waveforms
  • Capture Span, Post Trigger Delay and Attenuation Range.
  • Trigger on Analog or Digital input.
  • ByteCode ID display.
  • Selectable Graticule Reference.
  • Demo mode use without BitScope.
  • Can be run from a floppy disk.