BitGen Library

BitGen Control Panel

DSP Waveform Generator Library and Control Panel for BitGen.

BitGenLib is a comprehensive programming library for BitGen, the powerful DSP waveform, clock and timing generator for enabled BitScopes (i.e. BS120 or BS100 with DWG100 installed).

It is an extension of BitLib and includes an easy to use control panel which makes using all the features of the DSP waveform generator very easy.

Key features include:

USB BitScope Model 120

USB BitScope Model 120 with BitGen

  • Analog & digital waveform generation
  • Synchronized mixed signal capture
  • Trigger, sync and clock generation
  • Continuous, burst & chirp operation
  • Clock, noise & voltage generation
  • Precision frequency synthesis
  • Ext. trigger & synchronization
  • Windows XP, 7, 8 and Linux

The control panel allows BS120 to be used as a sophisticated mixed signal waveform generator out of the box. However the real power of the library rests in its supports for custom applications that require precise waveform, frequency or timed event generation.

Whether it's continuous arbitrary waveforms, timed bursts, clocks, triggers, frequency sweeps, white or pink noise, DC voltages or even logic level shifts, BitGenLib supports them all.

How It Works | The Library API

BitGenLib is very similar to BitLib. If you have used BitLib before it will be very familiar.

Like BitScope, BitGen implements a virtual machine architecture which is very similar to the BitScope VM; it is also programmed via short command scripts operating on registers.

BitGenLib Programming API

BitGenLib API (click to read)

This is simple in concept and very powerful but it can require an application to generate quite a few command scripts to perform a complete VM programming sequence.

Further, BitGen is an independent module inside BitScope which requires a protocol channel to be established to talk to it.

BitLib streamlines the entire process, connecting with BitGen and generating the scripts on the fly to perform almost all programming sequences automatically.

It does this via a set of simple functions (see BitGenLib API) which the application uses to communicate with and control one or more BitGen modules (in one or more BitScopes).

While register level programming is possible with BitGen, using BitGenLib API is preferrable because it takes care of routine tasks automatically while making available all features of BitGen via the API. For an overview of what the API can do see the control panel parameters page.

Requirements and Compatibility

BitGenLib supports Windows 7 and 8 or Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat and other Linux systems.

BitGenLib requires BitLib and is compatible with BS120 (and BS100 with DWG100 installed).

Note: BS325, BS300 and BS310 models include a different type of built-in waveform generator which is supported by BitLib Generator (i.e. these models are not compatible with BitGenLib).