Waveform Generator

BitLib Waveform Generator Application

An arbitrary waveform generator application for BitScope.

The BitLib Generator is a BitLib application similar to BitLib Scope but which demonstrates the waveform generation capabilities of BS3xx BitScope models.

Generating waveform is similar to capturing it; the logic buffer is simply redeployed to replay the data as an analog waveform or logic pattern via channel B or PIN 26 on the POD.

The block schematic of BS325 shows how the hardware is able to support this.

BS325 Block Diagram

The switch on B-BUFFER is connected to the DAC to replay the data as analog waveform.

The same data can also be sent via the bi-directional logic buffer to the logic pins.

In both cases the waveform or logic data to be replayed is first downloaded to the logic buffer and the replay enable asserted.

When the RUN button is clicked BitScope generates and simultaneously captures the programmed waveform.

The full programming sequence is outlined in the Waveform Generator page of the API.

Note that while the Sydney BitScope is capable of performing waveform generation it has been disabled on this particular BitScope because unlike waveform capture, it is not possible to share waveform generation between multiple users at the same time (as happens all the time as people visit this BitScope online).

Waveform Synthesis

The BitLib Generator application offers a number of standard wave functions via a pop-up menu.

However it is also possible to replay waveforms captured with DSO's data recorder by selecting the last menu item.

This opens a file dialog to choose a DDR file to replay.

For example the waveforms shown in the Replay Tutorial can be uploaded and replayed using this application or if you have a BitScope you can use DSO Data Recorder to capture real-world waveforms for subsequent replay.

For more information about the DSO Data Recorder see the manual page.

Note also that older BS3xx models (such as BS300) require the front panel switch to be activated to enable replay.

For details see the Waveform Generator manual page.

Note: the BS120 model includes a more sophisticated DSP based waveform generator.