Transient Recorder

BitLib Transient Recorder Application

A streaming data recorder application for BitScope.

The BitLib Recorder is a BitLib application similar to BitLib Scope but which demonstrates the streaming capture and recording capabilities of newer BitScope models.

Because it uses the streaming capture modes in newer BitScopes it cannot be used with the Sydney BitScope (which is a BS301N model) - to use it you will need a BS100U or BS325 etc.

For operating details see the BitLib Scope page but note that when started the application requests a name for the file to which to store the recording and there is no trigger to set up.

Upon clicking CAPTURE, BitLib Recorder starts continuous data capture at the specified sample rate and duration. Because capture is direct to the PC, the duration can be as long as you have space on the PC drive to record the data.

The file format used is CSV so the data may be loaded into a common spreadsheet or most other numerical analysis applications. Note that while this example records only one channel the streaming system supports the streaming capture of any of BitScope's analog and logic channels.