Spreadsheet Example

BitLib Spreadsheet Application

A spreadsheet data acquisition and display example for BitScope.

BitLib Sheet is a BitLib example that that demonstrates how BitScope can be integrated into a third-party numerical analysis tool as a live data source (ie, Microsoft Excel in this case).

The operation of this example is very similar to the BitLib Scope (to which you may refer for the details) and like the other BitLib applications you may try it with the Sydney BitScope as well.

The difference is of course that instead of a stand-alone application this example uses BitLib to embed BitScope as an integral part of the spreadsheet. And instead of specifying parameters via graphical user interface controls they are specified via cells in the spreadsheet.

The result is recorded to a range within the same spreadsheet which also provides the data set for the embedded graphics object that plots the captured waveform.

Each time the Run Trace button is clicked the data set is updated from the connected BitScope but this could easily be automated to treat the BitScope as a continuously updating data-feed for a more sophisticated spreadsheet application.