VM 220 | High Speed I/O

VM-220 Chip

VM-220 Module

This backward compatible BitScope VM Module extends VM-120.

It employs the PIC16F628 hardware USART to provide high speed asynchronous serial communications of up to 1.25 Mb/s.

This capability is used by the high speed serial (BS220S) and network (BS220N) BitScopes and is available as an upgrade kit (BU220S) for existing BitScope owners.

The serial data rate is programmable via a VM-220 new op-code (~) and High Speed Baud Rate Register (R63):

R63 Value Baud Rate (k)
0 1250
1 625
4 250
10 115.2
21 57.6
32 34.4
64 19.2
129 9.6

This upgrade will be of interest to anyone wanting to Network connect their BitScope(s) or try their hand at using a high speed Serial to USB adaptor.

VM-220 offers all the signal processing, data capture and analog scope emulation advantages of VM-120. Its fast upload rate means it is ideal for high refresh DSO style applications.

For Smart Port designers, VM-220 also offers programmable format and data rate serial communications between BitScope and its PODs using the new Start Cell Width (R61) and Bit Cell Width (R62) registers.

VM-220 is supplied as a module with its own 20 MHz clock.