BitScope News | 2003

BitScope Spectrum Analyzer

2003-12-23 BitScope Spectrum Analyzer

BitScope DSO now includes a new Integrated Spectrum Analyzer !

You can now view waveform magnitude and phase spectra live on-screen at the click of a button. It is DFT based so it's fast and works just fine with periodic or one-shot waveforms. There are no complicated parameters to adjust - it's fully automatic based on the prevailing DSO settings !

Grab a copy of DSO 1.1 to try it out yourself on SYDNEY or your own BitScope and don't forget to check back to the DSO Release Notes for news of the latest updates.

BitScope 300 Entry Level

2003-11-01 BitScope 300 plus DSO for just $ 395

Check out BS300E our new entry level 300 series BitScope.

Many people have a 12V AC adaptor and serial cable so we've omitted them from BS300E to reduce the price and lower the shipping weight. We'll ship this one for less than $ 20 to almost any destination in the world !

Network BitScope Online

2003-10-16 Network BitScope live on the Internet

We've put a BS300N on the Internet for you to run from your own PC !

BitScope Networking and our Internet enabled BitScope DSO mean you can now run the DSO on your PC (no installation required) and connect to a Network BitScope in our Sydney R&D center, live on the Internet !

We've also published the Online User Guide for the 1.0 DSO release.

2003-09-12 BitScope DSO Released

BitScope DSO SOftware

DSO our new Mixed Mode Digital Sampling Oscilloscope for BitScope is now available! DSO is a high bandwidth mixed mode dual trace, dual timebase, digital storage oscilloscope and logic analyzer with sophisticated triggers and programmable post-trigger delays. It can just as easily be used for deep one-shot captures as high speed live refresh analog and logic displays.

DSO runs on any x86 compatible PC that has a 400 MHz or better CPU with at least 32 MB RAM and is compatible with the Network BitScopes (BS300N, BS220N), USB BitScope (BS300U), serial BitScopes (BS300S, BS220S, BS120S) or older BitScopes that have been upgraded for use with the Network Adaptor (BNA-01), USB adaptor (BNA-03) or stand-alone serial connections.

BitScope 300 Schematics

2003-09-01 BitScope 300 schematics now available

For all those people who have told us they want to build a BitScope 300 or who wonder what the design looks like, we've published the schematics and a hires image of a fully built mainboard PCB (download here).

The kit (BK300S) is the same design same as our professional unit and is probably the most advanced digital oscilloscope and logic analyzer available in kit form. While the design is sophisticated, we have kept construction simple by using through hole PCB technology for the mainboard and pre-built surface mount modules where required. Note the use of a high quality 4 layer copper flow PCB designed specifically for low noise and high performance.

USB for BitScope

2003-08-22 USB now available for BitScope Mini and 200

In keeping with our policy of offering performance upgrades for existing BitScope owners, available now is the high speed BitScope USB adaptor suitable for use with 200 series BitScopes. If you own an older 100 series BitScope, checkout the simple upgrade kit. All BitScopes are compatible with RS-232 but now you have the choice of USB and Ethernet as well !

2003-08-01 Introducing USB BitScope 300

USB BitScope

In store soon is BS300U, the brand new 100 MHz, 40 MS/s BitScope including the new USB host interface supporting upload speeds as high as 1.25 Mb/s ! Included in the price is the new BitScope DSO application for Windows and Linux (based on the previewed version) which includes a digital storage scope, logic analyzer, dual channel oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and phase analyzer. Grab a copy of the Product Overview for the technical details about the new 300 series BitScopes.


2003-04-14 DiGScope Software for BitScope

DiGScope is a brand new 32-bit Windows application for BitScope. It works with BitScope PIC VM-112 or better at all baud rates and network support is coming soon.

DiGScope is three applications in one: a dual trace digital sampling oscilloscope (DSO), an 8 channel logic analyzer and a digital multimeter with data history. DiGScope uses a COM interface allowing the main application to be extended with the addition of new tools for connected PODs

DiGScope (100 day trial version) is available for download free of charge.

BitScope DSO Preview Release #3

2003-04-08 BitScope DSO Preview Release #3

BSDso-PR3 is our third (and final) preview release and is now available for Linux and Windows. This release adds mixed signal (logic + analog) displays and supports VM-120 or better serial and network BitScopes "plug and play".

Don't have a BitScope to use to try out BSDso ? Use ours :-) If your PC is connected to the Internet, BSDso will connect with a real BS220N BitScope we've configured with a WavePOD, live on the Internet !

2003-04-04 Two new software releases next week

Preview release #3 of the BitScope DSO and a brand new BitScope application called DiGScope are both scheduled for release next week. Stay tuned !

Python BitScope

2003-02-17 Python Software for BitScope

Don Dietmeyer has released his Python software for BitScope.

This is an early release of a new open source BitScope application and will be of interest to developers who like to use the Python language.

BitScope DSO Preview Release #2

2003-02-14 BitScope DSO Preview Release #2

BSDso-PR2 is our second (network only) preview release of the BitScope DSO for Windows. Of special interest in this release the unique trigger view which allows triggering on analog channel A/B or the logic inputs ->

This release also supports dual timebase, dual trace (ALT/CHOP) operation, level or edge triggers with variable filter and delay, variable aperture capture, vertical and horizontal cursors with frequency display, waveform snapshots, AUTO trace modes, "out of range" indication and more.

BitScope DSO Preview Release #1

2003-02-05 Introducing BitScope DSO for Windows

Announcing the first preview release of the BitScope DSO for Windows !

BitScope DSO is a dual trace, dual timebase Digital Sampling Oscilloscope (DSO) for BitScope. It supports sample rates from 500 Hz (50 mS/div) to 25 MHz (100 nS/div) and display refresh rates of up to 50 Hz.

Last year we released BSDemo to find out what you wanted in a DSO. The BitScope DSO is the first product based on your feedback. This release works with all Network BitScopes (BS220N) and serial BitScopes that have been upgraded for use with the BitScope Network Adaptor (BNA-01). Support for older serial BitScopes and Linux is coming soon !

BitScope Tracer

2003-01-30 Ryan Gammon's Tracer

Ryan Gammon has released his Tracer application for BitScope.

This open source Glade based application will be of interest to GNU/Linux developers who want to write their own BitScope applications. Ryan has implemented sub-sampling among other things and is seeking feedback from users and developers, so if you run Linux (RPMs available) give it a try.

BitScope WavePOD

2003-01-29 BitScope WavePOD

WavePOD is a low cost PIC based user programmable function generator for BitScope that has two (anti-phase) analog outputs and 8 logic outputs. WavePOD plugs directly into BitScope via the POD connector or you can connect it using our bi-directional LogicPOD for in-circuit use.

The design may be downloaded free of charge so you can build your own, or you can purchase a fully built and tested version (PUP-04) or just the PCB (PCB-04) online.

Quotes and Orders Page

2003-01-23 Quotes and Orders

We've upgraded the online account manager. You can now save unpaid orders (placed online) and return to them later, edit existing orders and track progress of paid orders all via your online account orders page.

2003-01-07 Network Upgrades

For those existing BitScope owners who have been asking us about what's involved to upgrade their BitScope for networking, we've added a page that describes the hardware modification that is required (for some BitScopes). We've been shipping built BitScopes with this mod pre-installed for a while now. If your serial number has a "BSLIA" prefix you don't need it.

PICuP Prototyping Systems

2002-12-16 PICuP Prototyping

Introducing our new PICuP range of PIC prototyping modules.

Many BitScope owners are also PIC circuit designers and since we released the PIC ProtoPOD for BitScope in 2001 we've received requests for similar PIC circuit designs and development tools.

So now we've created the PICuP product range of which ProtoPOD (now know as ProtoBoard) is the first member. Check out our new PICuP pages for more information.

Network Adaptor Module

2002-12-11 BitScope Networking

Detailed information about how to network your BitScope is now online !

The BitScope Network Adaptor (BNA-01) makes it possible to use multiple BitScopes from a single PC, simultaneously. When used with VM-220 it also increases the upload speed from 115 kb/s to 625 kb/s.

The adaptor is compatible with all BitScopes subject to a simple upgrade.

Programming information will be available next week for download including the BitScope network configuration tool with full source (Delphi 6) and example interface software (C++).

Online Store

2002-12-01 The New Online Store

We've finally updated the store. You can now order online !

In store now you'll find our new 625 kb/s Network BitScope and WavePOD function generator and a growing list of other BitScope and prototyping products. Full technical details and new free downloads for these products will be published next week.

The store is the first of several new features we're adding to the website which will include online accounts, developer forums, and BitScope TechNotes. It's all brand new stuff, so if you encounter any problems please let us know at !