BitScope News | 2010


BitGen Library 1.0 | DSP Waveform Generator

BitGenLib is a runtime library for the BitGen DSP Waveform Generator inside BS120.

BitScope Waveform Generator Programming Library

It extends BitLib to unlock the powerful waveform generator features of BS120.

A BitGen Control Panel is included to start using BitGen out of the box to create analog or digital waveforms, data sequences, clock signals, noise, timing events and more.

The library API is fully documented and the control panel provides a convenient way to access all parameters interactively.

Application source is included and you can browse some examples of what BitGen can do. Create your own applications using the library or modify the included source code as a starting point.

The library supports Windows 7 and 8, most Linux distributions and Mac OSX.

BitGen and BitGenLib are also available for BS100 owners if the upgrade option is installed.


BitScope 120 | Mixed Signal Scope and Generator

BitScope 120

Introducing BitScope Model 120, the first BitScope to include sophisticated DSP based waveform generation as a standard feature.

BS120 combines the low noise and robust physical design of BS325 with the affordable isolated USB connectivity of BS100.

New features include the BitGen Waveform Generator, a multi-band spectrum analyzer, sub-sampling digital triggers and generation of logic patterns, clock signals, frequency sweeps and white/pink noise, all as standard features.

BS120 deploys a software controlled mixed signal capture engine and works with DSO, WaveMeter, BitScope Library with more software options coming soon. It is available now via the online store. Technical specifications are here.


BitScope Library 1.4 | Custom Applications for BitScope

BitLib is a cross-platform runtime library for BitScope. It makes programming BitScope easy.

BitScope Application Programming Library

The API is fully documented and the library comes with example software applications:

Source for all these applications is included.

You may modify the source to customize the applications as needed or use it as a starting point to write your own BitScope software.

The library supports Windows 7 and 8, most Linux distributions and Mac OSX.

It includes C/C++ and FPC/Delphi APIs for use with popular development platforms such as Visual Studio, Mono, Delphi/Lazarus & Cocoa.


BitScope WaveMeter | Automated Waveform Analysis

WaveMeter is a brand new type of automated test and measurement application for BitScope.

BitScope WaveMeter | Initial Production Release

Designed to be used stand-alone or as a partner application for BitScope DSO, WaveMeter is a fast and easy to use AC/DC voltmeter and auto-locking frequency meter with a built-in oscilloscope for live waveform display.

Simply connect a signal and WaveMeter will lock on and display the waveform while simultaneously reporting the frequency, Peak, RMS, Min/Max and DC voltages.

The waveform display is auto-triggered and voltage and time scaling auto-ranging. There is rarely any need to adjust any parameters to use it effectively.

Any of the measured parameters may be selected with a single click to view on a large parameter display.

WaveMeter is compatible with all current and most older BitScopes (back to BS300 released in 2003) and may be downloaded free of charge for Windows or Debian/Ubuntu and RedHat/Novell Linux PCs.

WaveMeter comes with a user editable online help system and is available in two streams.