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BitScope DSO 1.2 Online Guide


BitScope DSO 1.2 Online Guide

The brand new BitScope DSO 1.2 Online Guide is now published.

This all new guide is a comprehensive online reference to the BitScope DSO software with numerous examples showing how to get the very best results from your BitScope.

Learn how to use the built-in waveform generator for transfer function analysis or the cursors to measure slew rates. Or maybe you're working with very low level signals and need to know how to optimize your waveform resolution. It's all here.

Also, for all those people how have been asking us - the new BS310N is shipping now !

Network BitScope 310


New Network BitScope released

Our new Network BitScope BS310N is now available.

This new model which replaces BS300N has the same high performance specifications to our popular USB model BS310U, but with ethernet UDP/IP connectivity this model is fully networkable which means you can use it in the same room on a local network or half way around the world via the Internet !

If you're after a USB model, BS310U and BS50U are also both available.

USB BitScope 310


New USB BitScope available in-store now

Launched today is the new USB BitScope BS310U, the successor to our very popular BS300U. BS310U offers 4X more capture memory, built-in double speed USB and new features including a x10 and x50 gain input multiplier, software switchable AC/DC coupling, 50 ohm termination all in a package about 2/3 the size and weight of BS300U.


Announcing BitScope BS10

BitScope BS10

About the same size and weight as a Pocket PC, this USB powered BitScope needs no bulky accessories. With the same mixed signal, analog and logic capture capabilities as the original, BitScope BS10 sets the new standard for portable PC based test gear.


The SlashDot crowd dropped by again :-)

SlashDot: News for Nerds. Stuff that matters.

A reader at Slashdot ^ (the Internet's premier technews discussion site) asked the question "Cheap PC Oscilloscopes - Any Recommendations?" which created a lot of heat and some light ^ which may be of interest to our other visitors.

Our website survived the Slashdot effect ^ fine this time but our online demo has become rather busy as a result so if you want to try it out we recommend you maybe try again in a day or so. Our sales and technical staff are rather busier than usual too, but they will get back to those of you who have sent us enquiries just as soon as they can !

For new visitors, here are some quick links to an overview of BitScope, its software, hardware design, programming API, expansion PODs and networking information.

And in answer to the original question, we think BitScope is ideal for educational use :-)